New Year, New Beginnings

Hello all, and welcome to the first allTEFL Site News blog post! I'm excited to

allTEFL is here for you

As I've written about elsewhere, allTEFL really is a labor of love for me – when I started looking for my first TEFL job it was scary to sign a contract sight unseen with a school halfway around the world. The only information I was able to get about the school, other than from the office manager when I interviewed, was by going through really old forum posts and PM'ing the few people I found who had posted about the school.

I've been working on allTEFL over the past few months to make it ready for launch. Here's what you can expect:

  1. School & recruiter reviews are working…and waiting for you!
  2. The allTEFL community a no-BS TEFL forum by and for teachers.

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